Rick Long
Rick Long, President

My ancestors moved to Lockport,NY from County Cork Ireland in the 1830s, so my Irish heritage is very important to me. While attending the 1988 Buffalo St. Patrick’s parade, I watched members of the Lockport AOH march by me. Since I had grown up with many of the AOH guys, I sought membership.

Dave Miller
Dave Miller, Vice President

I've known some members of the Lockport AOH for most of my life. They spoke highly of their charitable work, and fun times, so I decided to join.

Barry Griffith
Barry Griffith, Financial Secretary

After moving to Lockport, I met several AOH members through our Catholic Church. I've lived my life filled with Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity, and now enjoy being surrounded by the like-minded brotherhood of the AOH.

Steve Long
Steve Long, Sentinel

I joined the AOH after hearing my Dad talk about the organization and saw an opportunity to spend more time with him, and learn more about my Irish heritage. I am proud of the Brotherhood that I was welcomed into and all of our charitable service to the community.

Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor, Recording Secretary

I joined the William J. Ryan Div. IV to remain close to my Irish heritage and to spend time with my dad. That was over twenty years ago. Best decision I've ever made. I still enjoy spending my time with my Hibernian brothers - some of the finest men I've ever known. Friendship, unity, Christian charity and a lot of fun too.

Mike Kearns
Mike Kearns, Treasurer

I joined the AOH at my friend's urging to be able to meet with him and his dad and brother every month. I've continued to enjoy a night out with great guys who share the same heritage and love of the Catholic Church as I do.

Paul Cavagnaro
Paul Cavagnaro, Standing Committee

I first joined the AOH in my early 20's because some of my friends were members and it seemed like a way to be more sociable. But after I was a member for a few years the charitable side of the Order struck me. I have been an active member for almost 30 years now. And I am proud of our charitable donations we make.

Mike McCann, Marshall

I joined the AOH because my father was a member. In doing so it brought my father and myself closer to each other than ever before.